Whitepoint has teamed up with Kodiak Finance to deliver a variety of services addressing the needs of C-level management with opportunities around improving the business effectiveness of information technology.

With our partners at Kodiak Finance, we jointly created, under the banner of KodiakEDGE, a single management consulting team to focus our resources into a single multi-disciplined team dedicated to help our clients achieve success the the enterprise IT arena. Our unique team of highly experienced staff with advanced degrees in Management, Finance, Technology, and the Social Sciences, enable us to bring a unique perspective to our engagements.

IT Capital Investment represents the largest single asset class for most organizations Kodiak recognized that this asset class has not had the focus that one would expect. We have developed a comprehensive approach to more effectively addressing IT asset management. In the past IT asset management was basically inventory tracking of hardware and software. While important to ensure that both personal property tax and software manufacturer’s license compliance were met, little thought was paid to the actual business performance of this asset class.

Kodiak offers our clients a complete asset management practice that address the entire continuum from initial selection criteria through decommissioning and final disposition.